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We are positioned to provide comprehensive solution to clients in the infrastructure and Environment sectors, with a detailed understanding of the need and challenges of the client. We provide solutions for the environmental challenges facing our client including the integration of an environmentally sustainable design, construction and operation practices.

Water Supply
We provide a comprehensive range of expertise with our best level in all areas of water source development, water supply, treatment and distribution for all utilities with specialists inside and outside the firm to provide efficient and cost effective solutions.  

Our engineers design water treatment plant package, water treatment processes for municipality services.

-    Community water supply for townships
-    Urban development, rehabilitation and upgrades
-    Rural water supply & boreholes sinking
-    Water demand & loss management measures
-    Water quality modelling & assessments, hydraulic analysis & design
-    Water resource infrastructure feasibility studies &  development planning
-    Water resources, irrigation & dams (Bulk supply & irrigation headworks, dams, weirs, storage,  surface water and underground water resource  planning & aquifer management).
-    Water reticulation supply (Domestic and Industrial  water distribution, tunnelling, treatment,  desalination & water reuse, recycling and conservation management plans)
-    Pump stations, water towers and reservoirs
-    Asset management for municipality & private sector
-    Pipe condition assessment, renovation & upgrading
-    Sustainable water design & Management
-    Waterways and Irrigation
-    Integrated water cycle management & water  sensitive urban design
-    Training and capacity building
-    Strategic planning and policy advice on all aspects of  integrated water management to federal, state and  local governments.

Water Resources Services Encompass:
Ayamah Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd specialises in the strategic and operational management of water which shall include the following:
-    Water Resources analysis and Management
-    Assessment of environmental water requirements & support
-    Water Master Planning
Ayamah Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd believes in innovative technologies develop by suppliers and could incorporate them for better efficiency of the project.                  

-    Sewer reticulation
-    Sewage pump stations and rising mains
-    Waste Water Treatment Works, treatment  system planning, design, operational and  asset management.                          

Storm water Drainage, Flood Analysis and Determination 
-    Drainage design
-    Storm water reticulation
-    Flood analysis, determination and routing
-    Storm water Management master plans 
-    Stream flow modelling, yield analysis and system modelling
-    Flood protection, Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies
-    Watershed Planning